Introducing our products

Explore our Prime Flexitanks product page, where we’re excited to present a wide array of premium packaging solutions. With our specialized craftsmanship in creating Flexitanks/Flexibags, Truck Trailer Flexitanks, IBCs, and Dry Bulk Liners, we bring you unparalleled dependability and adaptability tailored to your precise demands.

Our Flexitanks/Flexibags are thoughtfully crafted with meticulous attention, ensuring secure and effective movement of diverse liquids. Whether you’re transporting edible goods, chemicals, or medications, our Flexitanks offer a safe and sanitary answer for your liquid shipping needs. Feel confident that your valuable cargo is in capable hands throughout its journey.


Flexitank is a flexible and airtight container created exclusively for carrying safe liquids. It’s made with layers of high-quality polyethylene, reinforced by a sturdy outer layer, and features specialized valves for effortless loading and unloading.

truck/trailer Flexitank

Truck trailer flexitank is a tailor-made solution for smooth moving of large amounts of solid materials. It boosts cargo space, simplifies loading, transport, and unloading, offering economical and hassle-free logistics.


FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) is built from robust, flexible polypropylene fabric, purposefully crafted to securely carry and store massive solid materials like grains, powders, or granules. It features handy lifting loops and practical discharge spouts for effortless handling and unloading.

dry bulk liner

dry bulk liner is made from strong, reliable material that shields and safeguards bulk solid materials during transport and storage. It’s tailored to fit inside shipping containers, creating a smooth and safe way to stop dirt and make sure dry bulk goods are moved out efficiently.

Opt for Prime Flexitanks with absolute assurance in the excellence and effectiveness of our offerings. Our steadfast dedication to customer contentment, coupled with extensive industry know-how and advanced production methods, positions us as your reliable companion for packaging necessities. Find the ideal fit tailored to your distinct needs and explore a variety of top-tier flexitanks, IBCs, and dry bulk liners that are sure to surpass expectations in quality, dependability, and performance.

Our flexitanks have been insured to cover your products while the ship, Upto 5,000,000 yuan claims for every accident that occurs with the use of our products. Even at that, they haven’t failed. They will not fail, we only deliver.